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Some fwd love..

July Drift Faction

And an bad ass dirt drop.. Bennyfizzle killing it.

Ben Wray Dirt Drop from Steve Klopman on Vimeo.

Dirt Drop… Not quite..

Norway, doing it right..

Found this one today and it is awesome. A moment of silence for the victims in Norway’s tragedy last week. A few weeks ago I had posted another video from Norway and with these driving skills, you can see the love for cars in general in makes me angry that one wack job can pull a stunt like that and ruin so many lives. Norway ❤

This is for Bear.

You know your jaw just dropped….

A day out with boys..

Funday Sunday from Michael Lynch on Vimeo.

Clear to Drift

Clear to Drift from Kevin Wilson on Vimeo.

Hopefully come August we will have access to tear up a secluded VT airport. I went out this weekend and damn I wish I had boats load of cash to drop on fuel and tires.

2:32 so hardcore!!!

ASB XI (long) from max gemmell on Vimeo.

Some Team Shake It!! Motivation

Some Team Shake It!! Motivation from Steve Floyd on Vimeo.